Microsoft Xbox Spring Update might damage Xbox 360


Microsoft Xbox Spring Update might damage Xbox 360

A large number of Xbox 360 users are reporting that their consoles have started giving out disc read errors after the latest Spring Update firmware update from Microsoft.

Microsoft has confirmed that indeed these reports from Xbox 360 owners are true. The dashboard update may have an impact on specific versions of the console, which will leave them unable to play specific game discs. Originally spotted over at Kotaku Australia, an email called for the concern when Microsoft announced to one user that they may need be compensated for a broken Xbox 360 caused by the update. Since then, Microsoft has responded to the concerns and issued statement, making it clear that it is "not specific to older or newer versions of the Xbox 360" and has also started a replacement program for affected consoles:

Following a recent update to our system software, we have become aware of an issue that is preventing a very small number of Xbox 360 owners from playing retail game discs. This issue manifests itself as a unique 'disc unreadable' or 'disc unsupported' error on the screen and is unrelated to our recent public beta.

We are also able to detect this issue over Xbox Live and are proactively reaching out to customers that may be impacted to replace their console. Any Xbox 360 owners receiving this error are encouraged to contact us at www.xbox.com/support/contact so we can verify if the console has been impacted.

The highlight of the firmware update which caused the problem is a change in the disc reading algorithms which strengthened copy protection while making available more disc space for game content. The update is rumored to flash disc drives that have been modified to play burnt discs and render them unusable. The new firmware is rumored to play a large role in the welcoming of the XDG3 format.

Piracy has long been a problem on Microsoft’s console, with the company taking a much more proactive approach to the issue by initiating the AP 2.5 protocol into specific games. This AP 2.5 protection alongside the new firmware could strike a death blow to piracy on the console.

Microsoft issued the following official statement regarding the matter: "This disc read error message is tied to a change in the disc reading algorithms in a recent software update and is not specific to older or newer versions of Xbox 360."

Please let us know if you are having issues with your Xbox 360 after the Spring update, let us know your thoughts by leaving a comment below

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