New Battlefield 3 Screenshots and Video Trailer


New Battlefield 3 Screenshots and Video Trailer

Today EA and Dice have unveiled the first screenshots and video trailer for Battlefield 3. The lighting, animation and general image quality is out of this world, even if the trailer probably is captured from a super computer. Here we have the first part of a planned series of Battlefield 3 video episodes called ‘Fault Line,’ don’t miss your first extended looks at segments of unbelievable gameplay sequences.

According to DICE, the game uses technology established in EA’s sports titles to create this great animation.

“I started to look inside EA and see what we had there,” lead animator Tobias Dahl told Game Informer. “And, quite naturally, I started looking into the sport games because what they have is animation — that’s what drives their games [...] and it looks pretty good, I’d say.”

The results are amazing It just looks too good for a game 10-or-so-months away from release. If the PlayStation 3 version of the game comes anywhere near the quality of this trailer, it might just give Killzone 3 a good run for its money

Despite having the brand name that matters to the mainstream audience, we imagine Activision are watching Battlefield 3 with worried expressions wondering what will the future bring to the franchise. However, in our humble opinion, they are doing something right. Battlefield 3 is due for release late this year on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

New Battlefield 3 Video Trailer

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Battlefield 3 Screenshots


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