Gears of War 3 Beta Maps and Official Box Art Revealed


New Gears of War 3 Box Art

Epic released yesterday information about the long awaited Gears Of War 3. First of all they revealed information about the maps that the users will be playing and some info about release dates.

The two maps are called Checkout and Trashball. Checkout is a collection of aisles and corridors and probably would not be good for people suffering from claustrophobia. These corridors will be surrounded by rupturing shelves and tills, while getting light from the reflection of a glass ceiling. Trashball, the second map, is much bigger and open compared to Checkout, however not as open as one might expect compared to other games. Battered team locker rooms are a recurrent theme, where plenty of room for cover is supplied.

Epic has also setup up a public vote for people to choose the maps that are going to be featured on the multiplayer beta. We only know at this point that the beta will have two maps, and that there are four maps to choose from: Mercy, Old town, Overpass and Trenches.

We also learned that the beta for Gears of War 3 will feature a Team Deathmatch mode, a King of the Hill tweaks Annex from Gears of War 2 and Capture the Leader. It will include unlockables awarded for racking up experience. Some of the items will only be unlockable by playing the beta first and then unlocking them within the full-game afterwards.

As far as release dates for the beta or full game, Epic is letting everybody know that the release of the full game has been set to be September 20, 2011, but did not provide details on the release of the beta version. Also, they kindly provided  some of the box art for the game. It looks like this is the final version of what we will be seeing in the release of the full game, so we feature these images for your viewing pleasure.

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