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Sunday, 18 Feb 2018

Spider-Man: Edge of Time TEASER TRAILER


Spider-Man fSpider-Man: Edge of Time is an upcoming video game by the Activision - owned developer Beenox. The story is written by Peter David and gameplay will feature a new "cause-and-effect" system where one Spider-Man's actions will affect the other and vice versa. It is set to release in October 4, 2011 in North America and October 14, 2011 in Europe. Information on the game was released at WonderCon on April 2, 2011. This is the second Spider-Man title to be developed by Beenox, following Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions of 2010, and the first released since Activision's decision to make Beenox the lead developer on all future Spider-Man games. PLOT: In the year 2099, Alchemax scientist Walter Sloan seeks to gain power and fortune by traveling back in time to the present day in order to use his knowledge of future technology to found Alchemax much ahead of time.This causes the future of 2099 to change to a dystopia where Alchemax rules the world with an iron fist. Miguel O'Hara / Spider-Man 2099 is aware of the plan and finds out that Sloan's actions are not only responsible for the changes in the timeline but will also cause the death of Peter Parker / Spider-Man at the hands of Anti-Venom. Miguel warns Peter of the impending danger, and both Spider-Men must work together across time to save the future and Peter Parker's life. The game will be available for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS and Nintendo 3DS wil a release date of October 4 2011 for North America and October 14, 2011 for Europe.



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