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Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018

More PSP2 pics and rumors

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Rumored Playstation Portable

PSM3 Magazine has released new pictures (renders) of the so awaited PSP2 gaming system. Although these are only rumors and speculations, there were also some discussions as of how Sony might plan to release two devices instead of one: The first device will be called the PSP2 which would be a better version of the current PSP and will cather to hardcore gamers, where as the second device would be called the Playstation Phone and would be primarily a Sony Ericsson phone running Android 3.0 but would not be as powerful on the gaming front and would only allow casual games on it.

Whatever the end result might be it looks like we are setting up for some big surprises in the portable gaming spectrum from Sony. They have realized that they really need to step up and come out with something really new and fresh if they ever want to get back at the top of the portable gaming market. The failure of the PSPGo and lack of correctly priced game lineups have left Sony with a bitter loss of what seems today an expanding market.

The rumors are also that Sony might be announcing its new devices as early as February 2011. We will be paying close attention as we gear for what it seems to be Sony's attempt to get back to a market they seem to have lost.

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