Games for Playstation Store May 2011

mike smith

Games for Playstation Store May 2011

We have the confirmed games, and the games that are coming soon to the Playstation store. The playstation store should be making its return this week and with it all the games that we have been expecting to play.

All this content has been changed from the one provided before the outage, we have been keeping track of it for you here. Since there is no official word on dates of release of the games, because the Playstation store is not online yet, we will have to keep on checking for changes and new information to keep you up to date. Sony should be posting the official content soon and provide more information as far as the times of release. Not to worry, we will keep you updated of any changes.

We did not put a rumored game on either of these lists, however, we think it is worth to mention that Mortal Kombat DLC could be coming soon to the Playstation store. We don't have official confirmation of this title, but it's likely to show up in the near future. So here is the list:

Confirmed Content for the Playstation Store in May 2011

Rock Band DLC has also been announced, here are the tracks for the upcoming game

Content Coming Soon for the Playstation Store May 2011


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