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Sunday, 18 Feb 2018

PSN down again due to heavy traffic

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PSN down again due to heavy traffic

The playstation network has been reported to be down again after Sony tried to restore it back to its original state on Sunday. This time it looks like the issue is due to heavy traffic on the network overloading Sony's servers

After the massive global outage that lasted almost a month due to the PSN getting hacked, users were happy to hear that the services were restored. However, shortly after the official announcement was made, users started to take on Twitter to complain about loosing service once again, only hours after Sony had started to bring services back up.

Great! :/ Played for 2 hours. And now the network is down AGAIN!! User Aikane1 tweets.

"Playstation Network was back up for about 10 minutes before going down again for maintenance. Nice work Sony!" tweets @Tomagefrais.

The official response to the complaints from Sony was seen through the twitter feed for Sony's EU blog, in which the following was provided to users: "Please bear with us as we continue working on PSN restoration. We are experiencing heavy traffic."

Later on Sony's Steve Reynolds tweeted: "There is a problem with PSN in the latest countries we rolled out to (except UK, IRE & ME) ... We are dealing with it"

Although no official communication has been provided regarding the more specific technical issues that Sony is facing, it is highly likely that the PSN was overloaded with all of its users trying to change passwords and play online all at the same time. Sony had planned to roll the network by regions to avoid such overload, however, it seems that at this point even after taking these precautions, the Playstation Network has been unable to handle the load.

We can only hope that this will be a small bump on the road to recovery for the PSN and that we will be all playing online soon. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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0 PSN Fan 2011-05-20 04:34 #1
Such a heavy load was always expected due to prolonged restoration. Another reason to heavy load can be so many eager users following the password change process.

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