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Friday, 15 Dec 2017

Sony apologizes, offers "welcome back" program

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Sony offers apology at press conference

As promised yesterday, Sony has held a press conference in which the company has revealed plans to offer a "welcome back" program that include free downloads and 30 days of Playstation Plus access to PSN members. The company has publicly offered an apology because the security breach on their network that ocurred two weeks ago.

Up until the conference, a lot of speculation about compensation has been circulating around the media, so the information provided somewhat put these rumors to rest.

Aside from the compensation, Kaz Hirai, Representative Corporate Executive Officer from Sony, discussed some of the details about the "data leak" suffered about two weeks ago. He claimed that the company believed hackers got access to the network through an application server to later access database servers, where the data was stored.

Hirai also claimed that the estimate of PSN members with active credit cards was about 10 million, far less than what the media had speculated. The executive explained that there are more strict security measures that included a new "Chief Security Officer", more network firewalls and a PS3 firmware update. Passwords for the PSN will only be chnageable through the same PS3 that the account was started on, or thorugh a verified e-mail address.

Sony is also considering in covering costs of credit card replacement for affected customers of the Playstation Network.

Finally, Whenever asked about the delay of information, Hirai defended Sony by saying that the network was shutdown as soon as something was found to be wrong, but only after the right analysis was conducted they promptly warned their customers.

Those were the main points discussed on the press conference, please let us know your thoughts about it by writting in the comment sections below.

Article source: Joystiq

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