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Monday, 19 Feb 2018

New Details for Twisted Metal Revealed

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New Details for Twisted Metal Revealed

There is no doubt that the Twisted Metal gaming franchise is iconic on many levels. Not only is it the longest running game series out there, but its lead character Sweet Tooth has become sort of an horror icon himself amongst gaming fans.

Fifteen years after David Jaffe unleashed the first Twisted Metal onto unsuspecting gamers, he’s back for the eighth installment in the long-running franchise, which is set for release on October 4, 2011.

In a recent interview with Dread Central conducted at Sony PlayStation Studios in San Diego, Jaffe talked about the latest Twisted Metal game and provided some new details that our readers might find interesting. These are some of the highlights that Jaffe shared on the interview:

  • The latest Twisted Metal will have more of a stylistic way of telling a story, although gore and violence will still be a recurrent theme of the game, the new Twisted Metal will be focused on keeping a storyline.
  • The Doll face character is going to definitely be more violent and David mentioned that it will give sweet tooth "a run for his money"
  • The story will get more involved into Sweet Tooth's origins, but this topic will not be the game's main concern
  • The story will also focus a little bit more on the individual tales of the main characters, and it will tide them all in a cohesive new Twisted Metal story.
  • A new character is revealed: Black Grim is a prisoner of war that ended up eating up his cellmate and now uses his skull as a motorcycle helmet. David mentioned that this new character is probably the most noble of all the others.

So far the game is setting up to be one of the best ones to come out of the franchise yet. We will be paying close attention to any other details that come out before the release date. In the meantime, let us know what are your thoughts about these new details in the comment section below.

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0 Ryan Frye 2011-06-23 23:16 #1
I hope in the future that there will be more future games to twisted metal. And I hope that minion, hammerhead, sour tooth and some old faces return to the PS3 in 2012 or so in the near future.

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