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Friday, 15 Dec 2017

Anonymous has stopped PSN attacks

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Anonymous has stopped PSN attacks

Anonymous have decided today to stop their attacks on Sony after consumer complaints for down time on the Playstation Network online services.

"We realize that targeting the PSN is not a good idea," Anonymous posted on their site"We have therefore temporarily suspended our action, until a method is found that will not severely impact Sony customers." 

Anonymous have realized that their actions might be affecting the wrong parties and was quick to assure Sony Playstation users that none of their mischievous undertakings were intended to damage the public's gaming experience:

"Anonymous is on your side, standing up for your rights. We are not aiming to attack customers of Sony. This attack is aimed solely at Sony, and we will try our best to not affect the gamers, as this would defeat the purpose of our actions. If we did inconvenience users, please know that this was not our goal."

Consumers have expressed their anger and frustration over Anonymous actions in a wide number of media outlets, however, aside from the initial anger, it's unlikely the backlash will leave much of a lasting effect. Anonymous have expressed that they will continue their attacks on Sony, but will be more mindfull of what they initially called "Collateral Damage". What the hackers' next maneuver could possibly be in light of this scale-down remains to be seen.

In order to defend themselves of the Anonymous attacks, Sony has hired Prolexic, a DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) defense firm that might have worked its magic against the hackers and render their attacks useless, but at this point what really happen is anybody's guess.

Anonymous have posted in their website: "Hiring Prolexic was expected. We knew sooner or later Sony would enlist outside help. If I had to put money on it...I'd say, Prolexic is going down like a two dollar whore in a nevade chicken ranch." Which led us to believe that they were aware of the possibility of outside help and they were ready to deal with the aftermath.

The majority of this online war is being faught behind closed PC doors and in the heart of Sony; which means the public won't know every detail. We all have to wait until the dust settles and some facts come out from either side.

The only thing that is certain is the collateral damage Anonymous is causing to the oblivious gamers who get on PSN everyday and just want to play their hard-earned games in piece.


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