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Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018

Resistance 3 Multiplayer Details Emerge, Beta Coming Soon

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Resistance 3 Multiplayer Details Emerge, Beta Coming Soon

Resistance 3, the upcoming science fiction first person shooter, was officially revealed at Gamescom 2010 by Insomniac Games, the developer of the Resistance and Ratchet & Clank franchises. Ever since the debut of the Resistance franchise on the launch day of Sony's gaming powerhouse, the PS3, shooter fanatics across the globe have fell in love with one of the many great first person shooters this generation. Today, Game Studio Insomniac Games is revealing new information on Resistance 3 multiplayer gameplay.

According to an update on the official PlayStation blog, Despite the fact that Resistance 2 multiplayer pulled off 60 player matches Insomniac has decided to keep Resistance 3 multiplayer down to fair sized 16 player bouts. Insomniac wanted to make the multiplayer more personal. They also has also revealed new active and passive multiplayer abilities, which have been called "deep and customizable progression system." A couple of the active abilities are ammo/health drops and an electrified field. The passive abilities are stat buffs that are always-active. The game will also feature a where players choose support abilities as well as personal and combat attributes.The support abilities work similarly to the armor abilities in Halo: Reach multiplayer. Perks include Bubble Shield, Dash, Doppleganger (project an image of yourself to distract opponent) and Ammo Beacon.The last ability is the Berserk, it is rewarded for kill streaks and make Chimeran characters temporarily invincible.

The attributes appear to resemble perks found in the Call of Duty series. "These range from the ability to have leapers bust out from your corpse, to start with more weapons in your arsenal, to reloading or firing at a faster rate, says James Stevenson, senior community manager at Insomniac Games.

In an interview, Ryan Schneider, Brand Development Director at Insomniac games described the multiplayer: "we drew upon our popular Busyards and Rooftop MP levels from Fall of Man and the Bay Area MP level from R2 as inspirations for how we approached R3 MP design. Our goal is to emphasize tighter, more focused battles, which is why we're electing to go with 16 players this time around. In addition to the return of the weapon-wheel, yesterday we unveiled a variety of active and passive abilities and attributes that will help players customize their loadout, which is another reason we're thinking of Resistace 3 as a "choice-based shooter." And wait 'til you see the kill-streak rewards, I've got a favorite that hasn't been revealed yet."

Insomniac plans on releasing a multiplayer beta through the PlayStation Network later this year.

Resistance 3 launches for the PlayStation 3 on September 6.

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