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Sunday, 18 Feb 2018

PS3 Shipments stopped as LG Fights Sony

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European PS3 Shipments have been halted because of copyright infringement

Today the civil court of justice in the Netherlands has granted LG a big victory in their fight against Sony for patent infringement. The court has provided an injunction that has caused the International Trade Commission in Europe to confiscate all PS3 consoles being imported to this region and will get customs to retain them for at least ten days. This move will leave Sony with only a few weeks worth of Playstation 3 stock to fulfill european shelves.

The injunction is the result of the ongoing battle against Sony using Blu-ray technologies that are patented to LG. LG argues that Sony has been using technology in their Playstation 3 systems and Bravia Televisions that is violating copyright in a total of eight patented technologies.

While stores in Europe still have some PS3 stock left, it is predicted to only last three weeks at most. After that, if EU officials continue to ban the trade of PS3s, gamers looking to buy the system will be out of luck. Fortunately, it should be over within 10 days, but that's if LG doesn't ask for an extension. Sony has the right to appeal the decision and are scrambling even now to get the seizure order revoked. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. Will the ITC come to a similar decision? If so, Sony will likely be facing hefty punitive damages they'll have to fork over to LG in order to get their gaming console back on store shelves.

Source: Gamingunion

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