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Monday, 19 Feb 2018

Pirated PS3 getting banned

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Pirated and jailbroken PS3 getting the ban

Wow! Sony is really taking it seriously the job of getting rid of jailbroken PS3 systems. Yesterday on the official playstation blog Sony released a statement against piracy in which they warned anybody running pirated software to convert back to legit versions of firmware, otherwise they would get banned from the Playstation Network.

Then later on in the day, the first reports of people getting banned started to surface on the Playstation 3 hacking forums. Some people were getting banned right away and some others were getting further warnings through e-mails on their Playstation Network accounts. At this point is hard to tell exactly what type of hack is the one being targeted by Sony, but it seems to have ocurred when users forged a login certificate and rerouted the Playstation Network's DNS addresses to appear running the latest firmware when in fact they were not. The hack had been working for a couple of days, but yesterday users were getting the message when trying to connect to PSN: "You cannot user the Playstation Network with this account (80002a227)".

It is at this point unclear if Sony is banning people for running pirated games only, or the ban also includes users that are using any type of homebrew applications. One thing is for sure, Sony is not taking matters lightly and is doing everything they can to stop piracy in their PS3 systems.

Source PS3 Hacks

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