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Friday, 23 Feb 2018

LG wants to ban the PS3 in the US

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LG wants to ban the PS3 in the US

LG Electronics Inc. is fighting back in a patent-infringement battle with Sony Corp. by filing a complaint with the U.S. International Trade Commission to block sales of Sony Bravia television and PlayStation 3, and bar its entry into the United States.

The complaint was filed on Feb. 4—brought after Japan’s largest consumer electronics exporter, Sony brought cases to the ITC on Dec. 28 against Korea’s LG—citing that its Blu-ray player in the Playstation 3 violates several of LG’s patents.

According to Bloomberg, both companies generate 20 percent of its revenue in North America.

Named in the complaint was Sony, Sony Corporation of America, Sony Electronics, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Sony Computer Entertainment America.

The specific infringement lies with the PlayStation 3’s Blu-ray player reproducing data from a Blu-ray disc, and the “reproduction of multiple data streams” using multiple camera angles. In addition, the complaint cites violation of its patent on the display of text subtitles on Blu-ray.

While LG demands immediate investigation of its four alleged patent infringements, the ITC is currently investigating the seven cases brought against LG from Sony for its phones Lotus Elite, Neon, Remarq, Rumor 2, Xenon and LG’s Blu-ray disc players.

To view the ITC cases against Sony, refer to In the Matter of Certain Digital Televisions, Complaint No. 2785 and In the Matter of Certain Electronic Devices Having a Blu-Ray Disc Player, Complaint NO. 2786, both U.S. International Trade Commission (Washington).

To view the original spurn of the suit, the cases against LG is In the Matter of Certain Mobile Telephones and Modems, 337-758, U.S. International Trade Commission (Washington).

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