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Sunday, 18 Feb 2018

Hints of a Wii 2 in the works

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Hints of a Wii 2 in the works

Kotaku has posted a very speculative article in which it analyses the cycles of Nintendo games over the last ten years. What Kotaku might have found is that every time a new console is going to be released by Nintendo, there is a lack of new titles coming out for the old consoles. They pointed out a current drought that's quite similar to the one near the launch of the Gamecube. They suggest this could be because first-party developers are busily working on games for the Wii 2.


"The spring of 2002 was the longest Nintendo game drought on record, and has a number of characteristics in common with the season we're entering now. Nintendo has launched a major piece of technology (the 3DS) and is initiating the gradual retirement of a console with a large and reliable installed base. While we entered into this data mining project with the presumption that we could recognize a pattern that presaged a new console release—the Wii 2, obviously—the last time there was a Nintendo game drought this pronounced was after the release of the Gamecube. Still, you can neatly overlay the release history of the Gamecube overtop the current release history of the Wii—they match that closely."

Now this lack of new releases could be also explained by the fact that Nintendo just released a new product, the Nintendo 3DS and might have their developers too busy doubling their efforts to provide a wide range of games for the new handheld, but one can't help but wonder if we are just on the verge of a new cycle that hints to the fact that Nintendo might be working on a new console, more specifically the Wii 2. Please let us know what you think on the comments section below.

Article source can be found here

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