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Wednesday, 21 Feb 2018

The Playstation App is now available for iPhone And Android Handsets

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playstation app available for iphone and android handhelds

It looks like Sony is responding to the latest Windows app that allows Windows-based handhelds to play mobile versions of their Xbox games. The official playstation application has finally arrived in the Apple App Store, however, you would be dissapointed to learn that there are no actual gaming for your iOs handhelds. At the moment the Playstation official app for iOS is pretty basic and it's meant to keep track of profile information, such as trophies, online status and gaming activities from friends. The app has also integration with the playstation blog so you are kept in the loop on the latest release dates and developments from Sony. Is expected that in the future more functionality will be added, such the ability to post comments on the Playstation blog.

playstation app for android handhelds
playstation app available for iphone handhelds













Sony has also announced in the past that its playstation app will also be available for Android phones, and has also mentioned that such app will be available first in europe than any other regions, however we have yet to see the actual app to show up in the Android Market place. It is rumored that this app might be available with the premiere mobile device PSP Phone or Playstation phone running Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

The release of this apps mark the shifting of the Playstation line to become fully dependent on someone else's platform. Android is open source and Sony could always diminish risks by doing in-house development. It's a whole different situation with the iOS release, since the app's existence in the iTunes Store surrenders to whatever Apple decides to do with it.

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