Dead Island Apologises for blunder, offers DLC

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Dead Island maker Techland apologises

Following a line of code being found in Dead Island that refers to a female characters skill as a "Feminist Whore" trait, Techland have issued a statement that apologises for one of their employees' huge blunders.

The statement reads: "It has come to our attention that one of Dead Island's leftover debug files contains a highly inappropriate internal script name of one of the character skills. This has been inexcusably overlooked and released with the game."

"The line in question was something a programmer considered a private joke," the statement continued. "The skill naturally has a completely different in-game name and the script reference was also changed. What is left is a part of an obscure debug function. This is merely an explanation but by no means an excuse."

To round off their apology, Techland said that "In the end that code was made a part of the product and signed with our company name. We deeply regret that fact and we apologise to all our customers or anyone who might have been offended by that inappropriate expression."

To make up for this, and other miss-steps which include Dead Island needing a hefty day one patch to fix the plentiful bugs in the game, Techland have announced a piece of DLC for Dead Island that will arrive before the end of September.

Entitled The Bloodbath Arena pack, the newly announced portion of downloadable content includes four new maps in which players need to fend off endless waves of zombies.

Anyone who purchased Dead Island from the online retailer ShopTo should have a redemption code for The Bloodbath Arena pack included with their copy of the game for free. You'll still have to wait until the DLC is available to all before you can redeem your code though.

Dead Island is out now for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in North America and PAL territories, with a Japanese release of the horror survival game penciled in for October 20th.

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