New EVO 2 Game Console will feature Android OS

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New EVO 2 Game Console will feature Android OS

Envizions has announced today through a press release that it will be launching the EVO 2. A new android based game console that will supposedly be available in the United States this fall.

The EVO 2 has been made available today for developers to start working on upcoming games. Envizions had provided the developer consoles themselves "free" of charge but has asked developers to pay an annual support fee of $149.

The new console will retail for $249 and include a TV remote, a controller and an HDMI cable. It comes with a Samsung 1.2 GHZ processor with 512 Mb RAM and support for the Android 2.2 operating system.

In their press release, Envizions has mentioned:

EVO 2 is the first Android gaming console that will offer users real time gaming playlist and social friend connections. Gamers will also have the opportunity to earn points to purchase premium Android games free with EVO tokens. The system will ship equip with game cloud storage and Envizions new Qquip SMS blogging reward service. To ensure that the EVO 2 system surpasses expectations, Envizions plans to add motion 3D sensor capabilities toward the end of fourth quarter in 2011 and developers can start testing the software via website download in two weeks. EVO 2 will incorporate the core software components of Envizions' beta EVO Smart Console released in 2009.

The company has also announced that the EVO 2 will allow its users to modify any part of the system and that is the first gaming console to offer crowd source and social participation. Envizions claimed that the community of gamers will help design the console by participating on Twitter, Facebook and the EVO 2 website. The users will be able to vote in the location of launch and the appearance of the console.


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