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Sunday, 18 Feb 2018

Why you should not make your mind up about Brink just yet

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Why you should not make your mind up about Brink just yet

We are all excited about Brink. The game by Bethesda has been highly publicized and it does seem to be bringing a new take to the over-saturated first person shooter genre. However, as reviews are starting to pour throughout different outlets on the internet, we think users might want to hold off on trusting these reviews, let alone buying the game.

Why would we say that? well, for one, the game was launched yesterday, and today we have more than our fare share of reviews that for the most part have graded the game poorly. Edward V over on gave the game an overall rating of 5/10, Griffin McElroy over at, who gave the game an overall score of 2/5 claimed that the classes are oddly imbalanced, but he also describes the single player mission as abysmal. IGN's Jared Presler gave the game a score of 6/10 claiming that the game was ok, but the gameplay was somewhat repetitive.

However, we feel that only a day is too quick to dismiss a game that could be bringing more to the table than reviewers might recognize in such a short period of time. As with any other news websites, everybody in the video game journalism industry wants to have the exclusive, the first on posting a review. However, by doing so these websites might be sacrificing fairness and balanced opinions.

Ars technica has claimed "We were sent the same code that you will buy in the store, but it became obvious that the game wasn't finished" when talking about the pre-released copies of Brink sent to them. They explain that although it was frustrating to play a game that felt lacking on graphical performance, developers were expecting to release a patch that would address some of the graphical issues found in the game.

Aside from the premature reviews, we also need to keep in mind that the game can't be evaluated fully on all platforms as of today, not only because of the Playstation Network being down, which would make evaluation of the game multiplayer modes impossible on the PS3, but because there is no way of knowing how well the PC version of the game plays and how different its graphics could be in comparison to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.

We are not saying that the reviews are wrong, or that the game should be getting better grades. We just think that there is not enough information to review the game as of today. Once patches are released, the PSN gets back online, Brink can be tested in multiplayer modes on the PS3 and a PC version is fully playable, we can have a review that accounts for all the game has to give, and make an accurate assessment of its virtues and flaws.

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0 Sir Billy Bones 2011-05-12 08:37 #1
I've played it on both Xbox and PC the negative reviews are accurate unfortunately.

This is the best Brink 'review' article I've seen so far:

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