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Friday, 23 Feb 2018

Fifa 12 Preview

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Fifa 12 Preview Fifa 12 Preview

Electronic Arts has announced that is finishing the new "FIFA 12" title that will come with the new "Player Impact Engine" creating a revolutionary change compared to prior Franchise games.

After two years of development, the new Player Impact Engine in Fifa 12 offers realistic player collisions with every interaction in the field. It is one of the biggest innovations and has been inspired by real soccer, developed by EA Sports of EA Canada.

Kaz Makita, the executive producer of the EA Sports Fifa franchise has said:

"The transformation that Fifa 12 has gone under is a revolution, not an evolution. To create the best and most authentic Fifa game of all time we needed technology that would make our vision a reality".

Fans of the Fifa franchise will be able to see, and most importantly, feel instantly the feedback of the Player Impact Engine"

In this revolutionary engine that will be available for Fifa 12 in the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 the users will be able to experiment how the actual players in the field would fight for the ball. The Player Impact Engine processes decisions continuously and in real time on specific body parts of the players to create a variety of realistic and natural behaviors in each impact or collision among the players.

Players will be stronger, will fight for positioning more realistically and will be able to heal faster after small collisions.

New Gameplay Features in Fifa 12

According to EA, the new system of Precision Dribbling adds more accuracy when moving with the ball to better control short spaces, more time to make decisions and better control of field space. The innovations on the attack mode have been balanced with a redesign in Defense mechanics. The company assures that with the new "Tactical Defending" feature, the defense mode is now as strategic as attacking.

The players in the field will have this feature available allowing them to make decisions based in their own abilities, in their strong skills and in the skills of their teammates. The skilled players, for example, will be able to see opportunities on long balls that less skilled players will not be able to see; Kaka will have more agility compared with other players that don't have the same amount of skills to make a pass, or calculate shots etc.

Aside from the new features of game play, Fifa 12 has a career mode that is inspired in real world stories. Elements such as player morals, the conditions in the field, or the positioning within the league will have an effect in the actual matches. The players will have to face more decisions and factors than before, with consecuences in and out of the field.

Fifa 12 has licensed 500 teams and will be available in the stores this fall for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, PC, Playstation 2, Nintendo 3DS, PSP, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Additional Info

  • Title: Fifa 12
  • Date Release: Fall 2011
  • Platform: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii
  • Game Genre: Sports
  • Producer: EA - EA Sports Canada
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